Saturday, February 25, 2012

You just know it's going to be bad

when the weatherman says that the snow will arrive "sometime" today!

Well actually yesterday during the commute home (almost 3 hours).

That was just the start. This is what caused the biggest slowdown.

I would have liked to be privy to the conversation that firefighter had with his Chief.

"Hmmmm? Chief!"
"Aye, go ahead Lieutenant"
"Got a little problem here Chief!"
"And what would that be Lieutenant?"
"Can I send you a cell phone photo Chief?"
"Sure go ahead."

"Well ain't that a fine mess you've gotten yourself into Firefighter!"
"Awe crap, busted again!"

I don't think anyone was hurt and made it home safe, eventually.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Warmin' Up!

The weather's starting to warm up so the Project Manager and I inspected the boat shed on the weekend.

He gave his "Paw of Approval" so we'll be restarting operations soon! :-)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Long Range Forecast

Just checked the long range forecast for our area and it looks like the temps are on the rise! :-)

Won't be long and we'll be back to boat building! :-)

List of jobs in order of priority:

1. Clean up the shed (it's a mess)
2. Organize the tool bench (it's a mess)
3. Patch rip in shed roof (have found Gorilla Tape works best)
4. Align, glue and tape thruster tube to hull so it won't move.
5. Glue and tape box keel.
6. Fill in remainder of kerfs on inside and outside of hull.
7. Sanding and prep for laminating the hull. (Wohoo!)
8. Order supplies for hull lamination (30 gals epoxy)

There's probably more. Always is. Standby.....