Friday, November 10, 2017

Goals for Next Year

So after a very disappointing year in the boat shed I've got to try to get this project on some sort of track. I'm thinking I'll set some goals to be met.

  1. Finish Rudder: Final fairing & infusing reinforcement (glass and carbon fiber) layer. Paint.
  2. Install Engine: New motor mounts, fasten down into place. R&R all hoses & starting circuit wires.
  3. Install Skeg: Seal and bolt in.
  4. Install Rudder: Finish rudder stuffing box mount & down tube. Install bronze rudder bushing.
  5. Install Prop Shaft: Install shaft tube and bearing carrier. Install shaft and have custom cut to length. Reinstall.
  6. Frame E Install: Main bulkhead install.
  7. Finish Tabbing: Almost all internal joints need another layer of tape and/or fillets & tape.
  8. Tank, Water Heater & Battery Beds: Fabricate and install all six tank beds and one each for batteries and hot water heater/pumps.
  9. Aft Framing: Complete last three aft frames.
  10. Raw Water Inlet: Install raw water inlet for engine cooling.
  11. Exhaust: Run exhaust hose and thru-hull so that engine can be run every few months.
  12. Crash/Bilge Pumps: Install crash & bilge pumps in engine space
I think I can do that much this upcoming boat building season. It's a lot of work and I know I'll need some help for some of it. We'll see how well the old body holds up. Hoping to get a good head start on it in the spring, weather permitting of course.