Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Minute or Two

Ok, it's been a minute or two since last update. I apologize. Having a terrible time with back & leg issues. Finally got an MRI scan of my back and there's definitely something wrong in there. Just waiting on a referral to a neurologist.

Anywho, some slow progress on the boat. I've tried to clean some stuff up but it's hopeless. The monsoons' keep returning. Ground is way too soft to re-level the boat just yet.

Decided to put in a temporary overhead gantry to lift the engine and drop it in the boat. Ordered a 6x6 inch I-Beam 16 feet long. Dunno how I'm gonna get it up in the air but that's just a small challenge. I'll rig a trolley & chain hoist from the I-Beam. Got a wee bit of math to do to ensure I can lift the engine over the side of the boat.

Trolley & Chain Hoist
When I'm finished with it I can 'market it' as a DIY'er Gantry Crane for your work shop. :-) I figure I should be able to recover a good percentage of my investment.

Next task was to get the engine to a repair shop. The issue with the governor is not something I can do myself. Besides I need to know it's been serviced properly before I drop it in the boat. It's likely going to have to sit in there for a couple of years before it ever sees it's chance to drive the boat through the water! *sigh*

The Lil' Huffer sees Daylight
Took me half a day to dig the engine out! Finally got it loaded up today and hauled off to Precision Diesel in Winchester. It's in good hands.

Locked & Loaded
Getting pretty adept at moving this huge hunk of iron around all by myself. Hopefully this is the last time I'll have to do that though.

Tomorrow it's a quick run to the bank in the AM then back to dismantle the Gin Pole.

Door to the boat shed is always open if anyone wants to come and help or just hang out for awhile & shoot the shit. I take a Large Timmy's with 3 cream and 2 sweetener! *hint hint*


Monday, April 3, 2017

Let the March Madness Begin!

Wow, that was one sucky winter! I'm glad we missed 4 weeks of it while in Mexico. I could have stayed another month at least! Duty called and I went back to work for the Gubment for the month of March. Still haven't gotten paid yet thanks to Phoenix but they're working on that.

I picked up a couple of 150 qt Igloo coolers. These things are huge!
Igloo 150 qt cooler
Planning on putting these under the benches in the cockpit. One to be used as a conventional cooler and the other likely for dry storage unless another need arises. At $77 Cdn Pesos's each they were a deal I couldn't pass up!

The newest member of our crew is growing like a bad weed! :-) Soon be reaching his first '6 month day'!
It would be nice of him to come visit his Grampy for the summer. I have some painting jobs in tight spaces he could help with! :-)

I follow a few other blogs and a new one popped up recently. The Sea Dreamer project. This one's not a Bateau or stitch & glue project but a 41' Diesel Duck! Definitely check it out. I'll be following closely.

Everybody wants to know when the boat will get launched. It's still years away folks. :-( All I can do is the best my broken down old body will allow me to do. If I were to venture a guess I'd say at least two more summers. Likely more. Everyone's welcome to come and help. Even if it's just to spend some time and shoot the shit. I'd appreciate the company. If you want to pitch in, cool. If not, that's Ok too.

First project this year will likely be to finish the rudder and get the running gear installed.