Friday, July 22, 2016

Temperature's Rising

10:00 hrs and it's over 100 F in the  boat shed! Had to scamper to get the port side engine bed covered.
Engine beds covered in 22 oz/sq yd basalt fabric
Constantly on the lookout for more basalt fabric. If you should happen to see a deal on it let me know please!  :-)  It is extremely nice to work with.

If you've done any fiberglass work you'll likely recognize this!
Epoxy & Fiberglass Art. One of a kind!
That's what happens when your brain is two steps ahead of where you think you are but you actually aren't! *sigh* So, it's for sale! Unique one of a kind art piece! I'm guessin' some millennial will need it to accent their Pokemon collection!

It was 34C in the shed when I bailed at 11:15.  Time for a ride in the ole' jalopy!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Main Bulkhead Glued & Taped

Yesterday I filleted and taped the fwd section of the main bulkhead and this morning the aft section.
Engine compartment side (aft) of main bulkhead
She's now permanent affixed and never ever coming out!  :-)  Two layers of 6 oz biax tape staggered about 3" offset. I'll go back later with one more layer of 12 oz biax tape on all the joins.

Sanded and cleaned up the engine beds for a layer of 22 oz sq/yd basalt fabric. You may remember I've used this before on the transom and keel.
Basalt fabric on stbd engine bed
This should make the engine beds the strongest part of the boat. The basalt fabric is absolutely wonderful to work with. It wets out quickyl and easily and forms well to odd shapes. I wish I had enough money to do the whole boat in this stuff! I think I bought about 5 yrds of it a long time ago to try out. When I went back to get more it was all gone. I've got enough left to do the rudder post block.

Another view of stbd engien bed
I'll finish the other side tomorrow.

Four hours in the shed today before it got too warm to work.


Friday, July 15, 2016

Ordinary Day

Just another ordinary day in the boat shed. Tabbed in the main bulkhead. Got tired of it moving around and having to remeasure every time I stepped over it.
Tabs going in to hold main bulkhead in place.
I'll go over these tomorrow with the sander and finish the filleting and taping. Could have done it all in one shot but you can't rush perfection! :-)

I captured the rest of the morning's boatbuilding session on video. It's a long one so you better take a bathroom break, refill your beverage and pop some corn!  :-)

Special shout out to Doug Jackson and his 'Boat the Internet Built'. I've been following Doug's project from near the beginning. I thought I had bitten of a huge chunk of boat project till I saw this! He's got plenty of info and great video's on his YouTube channel. Definitely worth checking it out.

That's about it for now.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

There will be blood

Back in the shed again this morning before the heat starts to rise. I wanted to get the main bulkhead located and marked so I can tab it in place tomorrow.
Lining up the main bulkhead.
I hot glued some small pieces of 1/2" ply to the sides of the hull on my original marks for this station. I was able to use a small clamp to steady and hold the bulkhead in position. You can also see some of the lead bars I have for ballast holding the bulkhead along the bottom.
Aft looking forward. Still some fisheye distortion from GoPro camera.
After yesterday's session of trimming & fitting I think I got it pretty close.
Keel section of bulkhead E fitting pretty well.
I had to trim about a quarter inch off of each side of the keel portion of the bulkhead likely due to the amount of fiberglass that's there.

Had to try to straighten up some of the tools swimming around in the bottom of the boat. It was really starting to become quite a hazard.
Sanders, Grinders, Saws. You name it I got it!
Not being diligent enough to sand all the edges of pre-glassed panels so that there's no 'Fiber Fangs' I ended up with a small abrasion!
More like a paper cut but hurts like hell!
The new GoPro mount attached to some fugly mutt!  ;-)
Oh My Eyes! Ahhhhh!
And now for the main event. You've been waiting awhile now for this. Season 6 premiere Youtube Video from the Big Blue Boat Building Shed!

Thanks for looking in.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Fighting Dirty

I see some guy's boat workshops and they're clean as a surgical suite at the hospital. :-(  I definitely am not one of them!
Messy boat workin's!  :-(
My ole Grandpappy always used to say: "Never trust a tradesman with a clean workshop. He's not busy enough to be any good!" I don't think that applies to me though! I'm certainly no master of any trade.

Today seemed to be a fight from the get go! I flew the main bulkhead, E, into the boat last night and knew I was in for a small session of trim & fit but it took me over 2 hours to get the bulkhead to fit in the keel and over the stringers and along the sides/bottom.
Main bulkhead E forward looking aft
I must have lifted that thing in and out of it's spot 25 times and it's no lightweight. It's got 36 oz. fiberglass on both sides! I'd say 60 lbs or so. My poor aching ole' back! *Groan*
Looking forward.
Now I can fix it's position, check my measurements and get it glued into place. It'll be a bit of an obstruction but I don't see I have any other choice if I want to get the alignment correct on all the other bulkheads.

Off to Canadian Tire for more JigSaw blades! *sigh*