Sunday, September 25, 2016

Angry Pixies

Fusing metals together with lots of angry pixies is fun! I'm no welder mind you. I got a lil' buzz box inverter stick welder from Princess Auto for small jobs. Decided to make a few of my own 'special' modifications to the rudder this morning.
Adding trailing edge rod to rudder
Added another SS rod to the trailing edge of the rudder. It sort of seemed out of place with the ribs just hanging out there. I also added some more rod to the top of the rudder so it'll follow closer to the hull once it's all foamed & glassed.
Lower section ready for foam & fiberglass

I started out under the boat. Leveling the skeg and taking measurements. I have to lower the skeg about 1/2" so I'll have room to lift the lower section of the rudder out of the pintle bearing should it need to be removed. Not a big deal. I have to build a wedge to fill in between the bottom of the keel and the skeg anyways. Just haven't decided what material I'm going to use yet. Probably the white oak I have on hand.

Was a very chilly 2C this morning. Means later starts in the day.

More adventures tomorrow.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

More Bits & Pieces

Spent part of the morning drilling holes in the skeg for the pintle bearing.
Holes drilled for Pintle Bearing
I must be getting good at this drilling stainless stuff. All 4 holes took me less than 20 mins. Trick is to drill slow and lots of downforce! Oh yeah, plenty of cutting oil helps a lot too!
It Fits!
It even fits! I love it when a plan comes together. Next step was to crawl under the boat and line this thing up. In and out, up and down, I must have been in and under the boat 25 times. Definitely a job needing an extra set of hands. Anywho, drop the backing plate in and a couple of bolts. Crawl back under and put the nuts on. Fack! Backing plate is upside down, none of the holes line up! Fack! Do it all over again tomorrow.

Got a call at lunch to go see the Machine Shop guys about the rudder. Just had to finalize a few details.
Flanges welded on, ribs laid out ready for welding
Matt, the guy in the machine shop is a decent fella. Think he enjoyed this little distraction from the day in day out doldrums of working on broken farm equipment! :-)
Cutting key way in rudder shaft
Little lathe work on the mating flanges
Rudder should be done this afternoon.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Dark Side

If you're squeamish you might want to look away!

The dark and dirty side of boat building that no one wants to talk about!
2 Weeks accumulation of trash
That's just what's been produced in the last two weeks of boat building. Solo cups, chip brushes, sanding discs, peel ply, tape rolls, latex gloves, paint rollers, zip loc bags, popsicle sticks, excess glue, etc.

Every once in awhile the garbage man and I get to chat. He asks how the boat is going, we do a lil' tour. Last time was a couple of weeks ago. He said: "You have the most interesting garbage!" In reference to my boat shed trash. I near pee'd myself laughing!

Nothing else to see here, please disperse!


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Slow Start

Lil' slow getting started this morning, I slept in! But, back on track. Basement bulkhead #2 needed some trimming & fitting.
Basement Bulkhead #2 filleted
Went a little better than yesterday. Still cramped but not as bad as yesterday. Don't much like working with my head below my ass! ;-)
Basement Bulkhead #2 filleted, taped & glued
The space between these two bulkheads will be the wet sump. The shower sump & dewatering bilge pump will go in there. Tight fit but it'll work I think. The space aft is dry storage and the space forward just general storage. I'll line the bottom of both storage spaces with the Duragrid I used under the engine.

Still have a little more taping to do in the forward section and still looking for the soles that were cut for these spaces. It will be nice to get them in and be able to walk on a level surface! :-)

Carry on with your regular activities....

Sunday, September 18, 2016

More Little Nibbles

The plan for today was to plug the big hole in the support for the prop shaft. Just traced out the hole and cut the part with the jig saw. Slipped right in as if it was meant to be there! ;-)
Prop shaft hole plugged & glassed
There's at least 3 layers of heavy tape on that patch. I don't expect it'll be a problem. It only supports the shaft tube.

While that job sets up I turned to the forward cabin again. There's two small bulkheads that go in the forward section in the box keel. They help support the sole. First one, farthest back, is for the dry locker section. This is an extra piece I made up. The second one, nearest, is part of Frame D.
Small bulkheads fitted

I hauled all of Frame D out of the stack today. one part missing. Not a big deal. Onto some sanding in prep for glue, fillets & tape.
Dusty Fella's
Damn! Should have made a Youtube movie! Shoot! Highly recommend the 2" roloc discs for getting in the tight spots! They don't last very long but they do a very nice job on the fillets etc.
All sanded & prepped for tomorrow
So tomorrow's plan is to install the two bulkheads. Finish taping the stringers. I have to finish the Frame D puzzle and get it ready to go in. Once that's done I can install the soles on both sides.