Wednesday, August 22, 2018

M/V She:Kon - Some Odds & Sods

I guess I'd be the 'sod' part of that title. *sigh*

Only 2 weeks left in our boat building season. So much to do. Scrambling around trying to get as much done as I can before I have to shift my attention to the RV and getting it ready for the big trip out west.

Today the Project Manager decided to pay a visit to the Big Blue Boat Shed. He immediately started issuing orders & griping about the lack of progress on the project. I suggested he roll up his fur and pitch in. That didn't go over well. :-(
That's a serious look! I better get to it!
Yesterday and the day before I managed to figure out the tank bed structure and get it tabbed into place. It's a bit of a hodge podge but for someone who's never done this before working on stuff that isn't level & plumb is a bit of a challenge.
Sub framing for the tank bed. This one is for a F/W tank (44 USG)
This morning I glued up the top and filleted & taped it into place. Once that's set up I'll radius the leading edge and apply tape there as well.
Tank bed fitted into place.
There's a fairly hefty gap on the right corner. That's what happens when you have a chunk of cured epoxy filler on the bottom of your level and you don't notice it. *sigh* Had to fit in a few pieces but they'll all be secured adequately enough.

I cut the holes for the retaining straps. These are large enough for 2" straps and are big enough to make fishing them through easy.
Tank bed in place.
Having mixed up too much epoxy I gave the tank bed an extra coat of the stuff. It'll all be sanded & painted before the tank goes on.

While that's curing up I pulled the rudder out from under the boat and decided to give it an extra coat or two (2) of high build epoxy primer. This was the last of my supply.
Rudder getting 2 more coats of primer.
Weather's coming so time to lock up the shed. I still have visions of it flying off in a storm just like Dorothy's house in The Wizard of Oz. *sigh*


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