Monday, August 6, 2018

She:Kon - Interior Design

Now most people who build their own boats take their ideas for interior design from a number of sources. Magazines, other boats, web sites or boat shows. We decided to deviate from the norm (which is normal for us). Below you'll see what we're planning for the interior of She:Kon.

Engine Room:

Now this looks a lil' far fetched but it's the forced perspective that makes it look bigger than it actually is. The lil' Yammy will fit nicely in this space!
Engine Room. 
Helm Station:

From the outset the boat has been designed to accommodate two helm seats.
Helm Position
Deluxe Captains Accommodations

One must certainly be comfortable on those long sea passages.
Captain's Bunk
Captain's Day Cabin

Especially important to have a nice bright and colourful place for the Cook to prepare delicious 5 course meals for her Captain!
Dining/Rec room

Personal space can be at a premium on a boat. We've decided to include a nice dining/recreation space.

Dining/Recreation room
Entertainment Center including Ultra Smart TV w/Intergalactic Internets
Main Power Distribution

Often an afterthought is the main power distribution around the ship. This one console will help eliminate all those pesky lil' gremlins that seem to creep into every boat build!
Main Power Distribution Panel
Engine Room Access

Every space on the boat should be accessible by Jefferies Tubes. She:Kon is no different. We've standardized and selected this design for space access.

Jefferies Tube Access

There are many other features that will be included in the interior design that will likely be featured in further updates. Here's a few to keep you coming back!

Does Nothing, Goes Nowhere
Computer Navigation System MkI w/Tribbles
Admiral showing off her high tech button pushing method!
And last but not least the dingy.

Admiral chose it herself and it's her personal favorite!

And if you think it is all BS, you'd be wrong and I'm prepared to defend my designs and my vessel!
Prepare a full Photon Torpedo spread! Target their Red Junk sails! Fire!

Images captured at the Star Trek Experience, Ticonderoga


All Star Trek Original Series imagery Copyright CBS Consumer Products.

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