Monday, August 27, 2018

Stbd F/W tank bed & chocks

So I'm just getting setup in the boat shed early this morning when I see Jr go shooting off across the back yard and next thing you know it he's on top of the boat shed.
The birds go crazy when he's around and he chases them up there!
So now he's truly stuck. Can't figure out how to get down. I put the extension ladder up on the far side and he takes off to the other side.
Yeah, I'm stuck. So what?
The boy is definitely not the brightest crayon in the box. *sigh* I managed to get him down via the step ladder from the leanto.

Anyhow, I got the starboard F/W tank bed glued & taped.
Starboard side F/W tank bed glued & taped into position.
I'll finish that up tomorrow.

While I was waiting for the fillets to firm up I started on making chocks for the tanks.
First chock gluing up
They're nothing fancy. Just there to keep the tanks from sliding around. I'm going to screw them down so they're easily removable if we have to take a tank out.
Six down, ten to go!
It's just one of those piddly ass'd lil' jobs that has to be done. I'll do the rest when there's time in between other jobs.

I did get to use my VEDB's!

These  the tapered/countersink/plug cutting kit from Lee Valley Tools. $149

I don't usually buy such good tools but I figured with the amount of joinery I have ahead good tools are probably a good investment. Gonna get one of those pocket jointer thingies too!

That's about it. Time's running out on boat building this season. *Sigh*

Thanks for looking in.


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