Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Drive line Dimensions

I've now completed the reassembly of the Python Drive with the longer shaft.
The thrust bearing end
The above pic is of the thrust bearing section of the Python Drive. It is bolted to one of the two CV joints. I did this now just to squeeze the dust caps onto the CV joints after being filled with grease.
Drive adapter plate end
The above pic is of the drive adapter plate end that will get bolted to the output flange of the engine/transmission. Again, I bolted it on just to press the dust covers into place.

Now I can figure out the total drive line configuration. I know the engine length from drive pulley to the output flange on the transmission and the designers specification for the propeller shaft length. Now I know the exact length of the extended Python Drive shaft.
Drive line dimensions
Still some figuring to do when I build the support frame for the Python Drive but that should come relatively easy once I get the propeller shaft tube installed.

Next up, reassembly of the engine control panel for the Yanmar engine. Yeah, I tore it apart. It'll have to go back together for restarting the engine this spring.