Sunday, May 8, 2016

No, not yet

Not really working on the boat full time yet. I've sold my soul to the Gubment till the end of the month. :-)  I have been acquiring materials that'll be needed to get some of the underwater hardware ready.
Some of the stainless for skeg & rudder
Decided over the winter to not use aluminum for the skeg. Stainless, IMHO is the much better choice. This means a few more boat bucks but well worth it. I've found a local machine/fab shop that can cut & assemble my rudder as soon as the farmers are done with their planting season.

Been out in the shed a few times but so far it's been cool & damp. The ground is still soft and one of my first chores will be to level the boat. Not much sense in doing that till things are dried up.
Everything pretty much where I left it.
We picked up a Honda EU2000i generator to use on the boat (and for other stuff). I'm thinking (always thinking) of building in a locker for it on the transom. One of my weaknesses when it comes to equipment like this is for 'add-on' gadgets and low and behold they have 'add-ons' for the EU2000i! Who knew!. Below is a TinyTach & hour meter. IIRC it was about $59 US.
TinyTach installed.
Had a few minor issues getting it in place. I think my genny is a newer production model and has a sensor in the crank case ventilation line. This prevented the bracket from going into place.
Sensor on crank case vent line.
The hose was about 3/4" longer than necessary so I clipped it off and stuck it back in the crank case. Bracket then went back into place nicely.

Still had a bit of an issue with clearance for the side cover. Trimmed some of the plastic off the back and it now fits fine.
Trimmed plastic, trial and error method.
While I was at it I pulled out our old 950 watt generator. This poor little thing had been sitting in the garden shed for about 8 yrs or so, neglected.
IIRC I used this thing once.
Lori bought this for our old boat many years ago. Never really had too much use for it but just kept moving it from one part of the shed to another. With a little help from some Quick Start it started after about 10 pulls and purred away like a kitten with 8 yr old mixed gas in it too!

So, what's next. I will be getting the engine ready to go to the Yanmar dealer for service. Almost all the parts are on hand for the service. I have to build a wagon to haul it around on. That'll likely be next weekend. When the crops are planted the machine/fab shop will start on the rudder. Hopefully by the end of this month it'll be warm 'nuff to get the stringers & engine beds installed so I can sit the engine in place.

 Big goals.


PS. Welcome back!