Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Moving more towards Facebook & YouTube

Hi Folks

I've made a couple of video's lately that haven't appeared here. I've been focusing my efforts on Facebook & Youtube trying to get the number of subscribers on YouTube up so I can play with the Big Boyz!

Anyhow, here's the latest video published this week.

Cheers & Thanks for looking in!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Yesterday sucked. Today's better.

I've had my IROC-Z in a storage container at a local business since last year. I bought winter tires for the Jeep off the young fella running the place and he let me store my summer wheels in there as well. Stopped in there yesterday to get them and they're gone. Fark! Fark! Fark! The guys owning the place now all plead ignorance. Figures. Fark! So yesterday I brought the IROC and our RV, which was parked there too, home. I need two tiered parking lot.

The Fleet is In
It was pouring rain all night and being a Sunday I waited till after 10:00 to go out to the shed and make noise. I'm puttering around and hear Junior rattling around somewhere. When I look up he's in between the Tyvek and the plastic of the shed! Fark! What a dork!

Had to tip toe on the top step of a ladder to get him down. And without missing a beat he's off to inspect the boat workings!

So with no plan I set to work. Pulled the bottom portion of Frame E2 for port & starboard. Good as any to glue in.
Laying out the ingredients. Woodflour epoxy glue, tape & spatula

After applying glue a shaped trowel makes a nice smooth radius

Tape laid into fresh glue ready for epoxy.
Starboard side taped and glued

Port side gets same treatment.
 Granted that was only one side of the frames. I'll finish off the other side tomorrow. Each of these frames will get a second layer of tape later on. It's not much but it's progress.

Just a shout out to some of the YouTube boat builders I watch:

1. Acorn to Arabella
2. Lady Dew
3. Life on the mold
4. Salt & Tar
5. Rebuilding Tally Ho
6. The Sea Dreamer Project
7. SV Rusty Junk
8. SV Seeker

There's a few more but they're not as active as these guys. Drop in and have a look. Make sure you hit the thumbs up for all of them. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this crazy dream. :-)


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spring Cleanup

As is normal, winter left a mess in the shed. When Mother Nature decided to blow the top off the shed and let in the snow & rain it whipped up quite a mess. It looks like the white Tyvek is starting to disintegrate and falling into the boat as a fine particle. *sigh*

Spent most of today just cleaning and organizing.

Little more organized!

Wrapped the engine in plastic to keep some of the schmutz off of it. Also fabbed together a stand for one of the 100W LED lights I bought.
Quick & Dirty light stand.
It just clamps onto the boat hull so I'll be able to move it around where it's needed. Going to have a look tonight to see how well it lights up the boat in the dark. I've got one more to setup as well.

Tomorrow's task is to clean up my epoxy bench.
Greatest minds have the messiest desks!
I'm thinking a shelf might help hold some of the lighter stuff.

That's it. Not actually boat building but one of those things that goes along with it.


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Years in the planning

and only minutes in the execution! Start to finish less than 10 minutes but it's taken 7 yrs to get to this point! The whole process went just as I thought it would. Slick as sh*t!

Flying high ready to swing into position
Just landed on the engine beds.

Final position will depend on the rest of the drive line.
It'll sit there for now. I'll clean it up and wrap it in plastic to protect it from dust etc. Now I can get on with the remaining drive line installation and framing.