Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spring Cleanup

As is normal, winter left a mess in the shed. When Mother Nature decided to blow the top off the shed and let in the snow & rain it whipped up quite a mess. It looks like the white Tyvek is starting to disintegrate and falling into the boat as a fine particle. *sigh*

Spent most of today just cleaning and organizing.

Little more organized!

Wrapped the engine in plastic to keep some of the schmutz off of it. Also fabbed together a stand for one of the 100W LED lights I bought.
Quick & Dirty light stand.
It just clamps onto the boat hull so I'll be able to move it around where it's needed. Going to have a look tonight to see how well it lights up the boat in the dark. I've got one more to setup as well.

Tomorrow's task is to clean up my epoxy bench.
Greatest minds have the messiest desks!
I'm thinking a shelf might help hold some of the lighter stuff.

That's it. Not actually boat building but one of those things that goes along with it.


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