Monday, April 30, 2018

Wheels Up!

Yesterday and today I cleaned up the shed a bit. Got the uprights in place to support the I-beam that'll lift the engine up and into the boat.

First step was getting the engine off the trailer. It spent the winter there under a tarp. Doesn't appear to be any worse for the wear.

Back on the ground, safe & secure.

First up on the list this morning was getting the uprights in place to support the i-beam. Simple 6x6's. Held in place with ratchet straps.

Some of you might remember the gin pole? Well it's been repurposed! :wink: It's only gotta hold long 'nuff to get the engine up and into the boat~! *Fingers Crossed*

Wheels are up and she's holding the weight of the engine/trans (565 lbs) with no problems. No moans or groans or cracks coming from the bow shed either.

That's it till Friday when I plan to hoist that anchor and put it in the bilge!


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Winter just won't let go!

Holy frig! Who's doing the 'Snow Dance' out there? Please stop!!! It's mid-April and we've got 6 inches of snow with half inch of ice on top of it! Enough already! *sigh* </rant>

Ok, got that out of my system.

With all the snow & rain the boat shed is flooded. It's a quagmire in there. I'll need 3-4 days of good weather to dry it all out. My buddy Andrew was by last week to help patch a blowout on the shed.

Andrew "Monkey Man' Miller patching yet another blow out on the shed.
Good thing for Andrew. He's been with me on this adventure since the start. I wish I could have him on the project all the time.

Sad day last week. We had to say Goodbye to our Project Director. Poor ole' Squirt had been suffering from the ill affects of kidney failure and other issues. We tried hard to keep him going but in the end we failed. Sorry Squirt. :-(

Squirt AKA The Project Director 2004-2018

I've got all the supplies I need to hit the road running on the boat this spring, weather permitting. Epoxy? Check! Fiberglass? Check! Wood Flour? Check! and the list goes on. First task however will be to get the engine off my trailer and into the shed. I should have the I-Beam braced & ready to lift the engine by Saturday. We'll see how mucky it is and if we can move the engine.

That's about it for now.