Monday, April 30, 2018

Wheels Up!

Yesterday and today I cleaned up the shed a bit. Got the uprights in place to support the I-beam that'll lift the engine up and into the boat.

First step was getting the engine off the trailer. It spent the winter there under a tarp. Doesn't appear to be any worse for the wear.

Back on the ground, safe & secure.

First up on the list this morning was getting the uprights in place to support the i-beam. Simple 6x6's. Held in place with ratchet straps.

Some of you might remember the gin pole? Well it's been repurposed! :wink: It's only gotta hold long 'nuff to get the engine up and into the boat~! *Fingers Crossed*

Wheels are up and she's holding the weight of the engine/trans (565 lbs) with no problems. No moans or groans or cracks coming from the bow shed either.

That's it till Friday when I plan to hoist that anchor and put it in the bilge!


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