Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chilly with a chance of Sandinsanity

I know, I know, I said I was done working on the boat for the season but due to the insistence of my pal, Peter, we went back into the shed for some Sandinsanity fun. Now, Peter had a boat shed. He misses his boat shed. He loves my boat shed and I'm willing to share it with him. He's had a rough go the last 5 months or so, so a chance to hang out in the boat shed and do some sanding is 'Therapy' for him. Who am I to deny him his 'Therapy'.

The temp outside and inside the shed was a balmy -5C. According to Peter this is a prime sanding temperature. Who am I to argue with the Master. After a minor repair to get the cabin roof back up on the side of the shed he immediately got to sanding inside the boat. He even brought his own sander & sandpaper! Bonus!

Personally I prefer slightly warmer temps for this type of activity but Peter seemed to be 'totally in his element' sanding away at -5C. It was only after an hour or so that I managed to get him to take a break for some MRD (Meals Ready to Drink). One must keep the Master Sander nourished & hydrated in these cold temps.

Chilled to absolute perfection these MRD's gave up their sustenance to fuel the sanding frenzy that was in the boat shed that day.  :-)

Season 3, Episode 1 of "BS from the Boat Shed" starring Peter Lenihan as the Master Sander! It's a long rambling video but I hope you enjoy it!