Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day Blues

Boxing Day Big Blue Boat Building shed I should say.

I hope everyone had a safe, comfortable and relaxing Christmas. Things were quiet around here. My Dad and Brother came down for Turkey dinner so that was nice. Couldn't get into the shed to show them the progress on the boat though. Froze up solid!

We had a nice storm last week that's left 1000's without power over the Christmas holidays. Luckily for us we missed the worst of it (this time). The Ice Storm of '98 hit this area really hard. We were out of power back then for 5 days and some in the outlying areas were without power for over a month. We do have a small generator, batteries, inverter & solar panels that I could rig up if necessary.

The shed seems to be holding up ok with all the repairs we had to do this year.

It is holding a lot more snow on top than years before. Likely do to the plastic aging and the mix match of tarp and shrink wrap that's been used to patch it all up. The roof panel on this side holds a lot of snow back. Last year a 'shed a lanch' popped the roof right off! *lol* Oh well, it's only got to get us to the spring and I'll replace the whole top.

That's it folks. Hope you're all well and happy. Hoping you all have a fruitful and prosperous new year.