Friday, November 12, 2010

Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need

do get you out of the doldrums. I had a great day yesterday. Spent about 5 hours with a fellow boat builder discussing everything imaginable about boats and boat building. His name is Peter and he's building a 31' Bolger Estuary Cruiser. It's a shallow draft river boat with great lines. It's the same length as the boat we're building but a bit narrower and shallower.

Peter gave us all a glimpse of his boat during a recent building shed move. Until then he hadn't (nor had we) seen the "Whole Boat" at one time. Confined in the boat shed you just don't get the opportunity to see it all at once.

The Estuary Cruiser is a narrow boat with a shallow draft. It's designed to be powered by a single 50 HP outboard motor making it extremely versatile and economical. Top speed isn't fast, 6.5 knots, but sometimes you just have to slow down and enjoy life eh?

Peter is a fascinating guy. Different approach to building a boat than me but the goals are still the same. This is his fourth boat he's built and he's got some skills! I only hope I can do half as well. You can read all about Peter's boat here.... Just-fore-the-fun-of-it

Anyhow the visit gave me a lil' kick in the butt to get back to the shed and get some stuff done. The weather was beautiful today and I managed to get some of the smaller chores knocked off the list. (It's a long list!)

One of the things I noticed in Peter's boat shed was the shelves. Shelves are great, they get stuff off the ground so you don't trip over them all the time. This one will hold some of the lighter stuff that kicks around a boat shed.

I got around to unwrapping the big stack of wood that is our boat. I've got to figure out how to get it all organized and sort of out of the way for now.

The other lil' chore I got done was the first two of six fluorescent lights that'll go in the shed. They toss some good light. I'll check later tonight when it's dark. I'm hoping six will be enough.

That's about it till tomorrow. Standby....