Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not much to show

this week. Been lazier than ole' Bootsy Boy lately. Must be the change in seasons. Body is telling me it's soon time to hibernate. Tucked the car and boat away in barns for the winter. :-(

This weekend I did manage to get the bulwarks tacked into place to see what they look like.

Ran into a small problem with the flare of the bow being a little more than planned. The side panels are off the forms about 5/8" causing the bulwarks to leave a fair size gap. I pulled the side panels back in a bit to reduce the gap.

I'll glue these on next week weather permitting.

Today I got the keel lined up and shimmed and glued down. It's now part of the hull. Not much to show for 4 hrs work but there was a lot of futzin' around to get it all lined up.