Monday, October 22, 2012

Rituals of Fall

One of the rituals of fall for us has been the final car club cruise of the year. This year we returned to the Calabogie Motorsports Park. It's a wonderful drive through some very scenic countryside.

At the first stop in Almonte, ON for a coffee break and pickup of a few more club members we headed out, probably 60 cars strong in the group. We quickly spread out along the road and half of us took the long way while the others got a taste of some real twisty turny roads. I missed that part which sucked.

One of the highlights of the trip was this beauty. I hadn't seen it before. Quite exceptional.

I apologize for the crappy cell phone pics. Lori has some on her camera that I'll get today. The cars lined up after the laps on the track.

We got three laps with a pace car on the track. It's a very nice track, 5.25 kms long. I haven't been on a race track since 1987! It felt good lemme tell ya! :-) We didn't set any speed records but it did feel really good to power through some of those corners. The only problem was I kept having to lift off the gas for fear of running over the '69 Camaro in front of me! ;-)

The Roll Out of the first group to go around the track.

One Lap of the Track

Around the track again looking out the other side from Lori's camera.

Unfortunately it's now time to put the car away for the winter. :-(