Monday, January 14, 2013

Stumbling around the Interwebs....

I happened across this pic....

That was taken by 6one3 Photo while on our fall cruise at Calabogie racetrack. Looks good eh? I think I'll add a supercharger next spring! *wink*

Anybody had 'nuff of winter yet? We're on a countdown (14 days) to Mexico! Wohoo! Stay frosty my friends!


We've had 5 days of good weather in the +6 to +9 deg C range. Almost all of the snow we've had is gone so I was able to get out in the boat shed today. The repairs seem to be holding up well. There's a few places where the ground is soaked but that's normal. I plan to cover them up with plywood anyways.

Really looking forward to getting out there and getting back at it soon! Standby..