Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring is in the air

or should I say there's 1000's of geese in the air! Both actually. The weather's turned a corner (I hope) and the temperatures are slowly rising. Will likely have to recover the old Camaro from storage tomorrow so that's a damn sure sign!

Out for a drive the other day we spotted another sure sign of spring. A USCG icebreaking/tug heading downriver.

This is USCG MGTB 108 (Thunder Bay) likely on her way home to Maine after a winter on the lakes. Well done Thunder Bay.

Was out in the boat shed this morning to see how things survived the winter. After all the trouble we had keeping a cover on the shed things are pretty good in there. Some plywood had fallen over but that seems to be it. The ground is still a little wet for working out there but it won't be long now.

On the other hand my bummed up knee isn't making any progress. I see the doc next Thursday to see if I can get a referral to a specialist. There's no way, or at least no way without a tremendous amount of pain, that I'd be able to finish the boat in this condition. Here's to hoping a specialist can fix this mess. :-(

That's all there is to report. It was a long boring winter except for the 12 days in Mexico.


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