Saturday, November 30, 2013

Feeling a little lost

Feeling a little lost & lonely up here in the Great Frozen White North. :-(

The Admiral's down in Orlando soaking up the sunshine while I'm here babysitting 5 deadbeat fur balls (cats) and trying to stay warm. Woke up this morning to this from TheWeatherNetwork.

How ironic is that? The ad server showing us an ad for the animated movie 'Frozen' when it's -20C (-4F) outside! *sigh*

I guess the highlight of my day will be scooping the kitty walnuks out of the litter box! *groan*

Ok, 'nuff moaning. Nine days and I'll bein sun shiny FLA shopping for boat parts. The big item on my shopping list is some 5/16 galvanized anchor chain. I think I'll get about 175'. This is for our primary anchor which is a Lewmar plow.

Our secondary anchor is a Fortress style anchor and it'll have a rope/chain rode.

Pretty isn't it? ;-)

Stay warm and stay tuned.....