Monday, September 6, 2010

Hotter 'n hell to colder 'n hell in 24 hrs!

Friday it's hotter 'n hell. I managed to get 5 bows made before it got too hot to work. Its supposed to be cooler on Saturday so I figured I can knock out the rest. Wrong. Saturday comes and it's colder 'n hell. I'm running around looking for a jacket and gloves! WTF?

Anyhow brief update:

Looking more like a messy construction site now eh?

I've still got 3 bows to make. I want to double up the center span because that's where I'll lift the engine into the boat. I can't believe how much work these things are, they're turning out to be a bigger production than building the boat!!!

The remaining three bows should be done today then I have to build a stage (scaffold) to be able to reach the peak. It's up there about 17 feet! Once that's done and I can rally up some help the next report should be of the actual assembly of this monster! Standby....