Saturday, September 18, 2010

Now I know how Noah felt

The rains have finally let up and I got around to working on the bow shed again. There's no way one person can put one this big up by themselves so I have to rally some troops tomorrow to lift the first section up. It'll go up in three sections, 10', 12' and another 10' section. The center section will have three 1/2" eye bolts that hopefully will be strong enough to lift the engine into the boat. By all guestimates it should!

The hardest part was getting the ridge in place. It took a few extra hands and paws but we got it done. Next step is to use some old carpet scraps to make a flexible hinge on the opposite side bows. This allows you to life the ridge and walk the bows inwards lifting it into place. Sounds good in theory! It'll have to wait till tomorrow till a few more hands arrive. Kinda looks like a giant spider spreading its legs here!

Standby...... More to come!