Saturday, October 2, 2010

And on the 15th day the rains let up

It's been raining almost steady for the last two weeks. Finally this weekend the weather straightened itself out and we got back to work. It probably doesn't look it but we put in a full days work today. I had my buddy Andrew helping out (Paid labor, he's just a highschool kid but a good worker).

Framing up the shed doors etc.

Ready to be shrunk tight!

That'll come likely next Saturday. I can probably hang the plastic on the back end but will definitely need help draping the big sheets over the top of this monster!

Picked up a few small trinkets for the boat off of E-Bay this week. Just to keep my hand in the online auction game.

This little porthole will go in the door to the head.

These lil' jewels are called "Hawse Pipes". They'll go in the forward part of the hull and the mooring lines will pass through them to the cleats mounted inboard.

More to come, standby...