Saturday, October 9, 2010

I think I'm slowing down

in my old age! *sigh* Things just don't seem to be going as easy as they should. Been pretty tired lately. Dunno why.

Had my buddy Andrew helping today. We got the barn doors hung and the plastic on the back of the shed up. We tried to hang a large piece on the side but the wind kicked up and tore out all the staples we had holding it in place.

You can see the piece we tried to hang on the right hand side in the back corner. It took off in a light breeze just like a sail!

Backside view of the barn doors. The one on the right is semi-permanently fixed in place. It has hinges but I screwed it to the door jamb to hold everything in place so they wouldn't flop around in the wind.

I put the blow torch to the door on the right today. Didn't use as much heat or linger waiting for the plastic to shrink. It worked perfectly.

We'll try again tomorrow to hang the rest of the plastic. Put some thought into it and instead of going from the back (east) working towards the front we'll start at the front and work back. Less likelihood the wind will work against us. Standby....