Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another week about to

pass us by and not a whole lot to show for it. I was able to get the remainder of the vapor barrier up. It was just one of those little nagging jobs that I didn't finish last fall. It wasn't going to get done with the car in the shed so I at least had an excuse. ;-)

One of the things I did when I built the shed was embed 3 eye bolts in the ridge, on center and two just off center. These are sturdy 1/2" eye bolts. Now if the ridge can carry it the heaviest object I'll have to lift into the boat is the engine and transmission which the manual tells me is approx. 550 lbs.

From the center bolt I'll fix a 1000 Kg snatch block made specifically for 3/16th. wire rope. This will give me the piece of mind I'll need when there's 550 lbs of engine hanging over the boat. The other two are simple rope falls with 1/2 rope.

I apologize for the poor picture but the lifting force for the center cable will come from my little 2000 lb 12 volt winch. It's a tough lil' bugger and pulls like crazy!

I tested my rig with my own, not so unsubstantial 240 lbs (Don't tell Dr. Bhatt) plus a 34 lb battery. The ridge and bows deflected pretty good and I heard some creaking going on up there. Even with just moderate weight on the winch you can see the bows spreading out about 2/3ds of the way up. To counter this I added two cable stays across the shed. You can see them in the first picture. A second test with the stays in place and there's no deflection or creaking of the bows! If necessary I can spread the load out over two bows instead of point loading on the center bow. I hope it works.

My supervisor stopped in yesterday to put his "Paw of Approval" on my work.

That's 'bout it for now. Some shelving and a second work bench going in today. Photos to follow.

Update: Last work bench. This one for fiberglass & epoxy work hence the melamine panels. Hopefully it'll make it easier to clean up the messies that are bound to occur.

Thanks for looking in.

PS. One more small job to complete and I'll be able to tear the "Tower of Pain and Suffering" apart and turn it into an assembly table! ;-)