Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Had to scramble up on the shed

last night to fix a rip in the plastic. Lori stood by on the ladder in case I took a tumble. At least she could try to break my fall! :-) Lucikly there were no injuries and the rip has been temporarily repaired with "Gorilla Tape" (good stuff).

I'm not much for climbing ladders and my track record pretty much sucks when I do so I'll leave more permanent repairs to my buddy Andrew sometime soon. :-)

Everything in the shed is pretty damp. A lot of water puddled in the fwd end when the ground froze. I might have to put in a small drainage ditch for next year. I've got some leftover OSB so I'll cut that up and make some floors to go around the boat.

Weatherman is predicting +18 deg C tomorrow and almost as nice for the weekend so hopefully we'll get this ball rolling again soon. Standby.....