Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bumblebee: [through his radio] "Message from Starfleet, Captain... Let's get to it!"

After a short and not so much snowy winter it's back into the boat shed. The pictures of a few other TW28's underway as well as the launching of Fabio's TW28 have re-invigorated me (somewhat!). *Yeah!*

So I'm looking at the fwd bulwarks where they wrap around the hull. When I line them up and they rest on the cross pieces attached to the strongback they refuse to fall into any sort of natural curve. If I line up the bow and where the bulwark join the sides it leaves a gap of about 3/8" (see photo)

Another picture from the starboard side.

It's the same on both sides. I'm sure I've got them lined up according to plans. I've looked at pictures of previous builds and didn't see any others like this. Or, is 3/8" not that much of a bother, just fill it up with goop and carry on? If I force them flat to the hull they come out of alignment and flair out an extra inch on each side. Did I explain that well enough? *Doh!*

My epoxy resin turned into a big slushie over the winter so the proper application of heat corrected that! *Whew!*