Sunday, April 1, 2012

Puttering is really work too!

Still a little too cold (+2 degC) to do any epoxy work in the shed so I puttered around this morning.

First task was to eliminate the gaps in the bulwark panels. I started working inwards from the ends, which I know were aligned properly. When I neared the middle I cut a few kerfs to ease the stresses on the panel. A few screws and it's in it's proper place now.

The next think I wanted to do was dryfit the bow thruster unit so I can get it properly aligned with the tunnel before I glue it in place.

It was only pure luck I got the hole cut in the thruster tube correctly so that the propeller will be accessed from the port side, which I'm told is traditional, but not mandatory. Anywho working upside down doesn't help much either! :-)

Oh well, that's about all the puttering I found I could do today. Slow and steady. When it warms up I have to glue the bulwarks in place then tape the keel. Once that's done it'll be hull laminating time! :-)