Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today was a good day

I got to spend some real quality time with Mr. Belt Sander. :-)

I had some work to do around the thruster tube and especially on the side with the kefts on the outside. More fill and sanding.

There's still more filling and sanding to do before this section will be up to my usual high standards! :-) I did find you kind of get into a groove with the sander and it's not all that bad a job, till you rub your eye with the back of your glove and it kinda goes down hill from there.

Mixed up some more epoxy glue and stuck on the bulwark sides. It was cool this morning so plenty of working time with the epoxy. It eventually warmed up to about 70 degs in the shed in the afternoon so this side will be ready to have the clamps taken off tomorrow and the other side glued on.

For those of you who know about the LPBC here's a token shot for you of a LPBC cap with sawdust on it.

I'm sure Peter Lemonhands will be proud of me. Where ever he is!

Later folks.....