Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another productive day

in the boat shed even though I was totally on my own. My primary Epoxy Glue Mixer Upper is down with the Flu and the project supervisor was attending to her needs with some snuggles and sharing of warmth!

I trudged on out in the cold and the damp and soldiered on. Mixing up my own epoxy glue to start the fillets on the keel to hull joins. These are fairly big fillets (biggest I've done so far) because the fiberglass cloth that we'll use on the keel and hull is a lot heavier than normal and doesn't bend quite as nicely as the lighter glass we have. I've started adding "microspheres" (microscopic glass balls) to the glue mix. This makes it lighter (easier to sand) and it doesn't sag as much. You have to be careful wearing a respirator when working with the microspheres though. You don't want to be breathing them in.

Once these are cured I can do a little light sanding and then lay on some tape. This will fix the keel sides and then I can finish the bottom of the keel. That's going to be a bit of a challenge because of the depth of the keel makes it quite a reach to get to it from the underside. I'll figure it out.

I hope summer gets here soon. There's snow in the forecast for tomorrow! *sigh*