Saturday, April 21, 2012

If it appears that I may

actually know what I'm doing, then I apologize. I don't have a clue what I'm doing! :-) I make this stuff up as I go along! Thank gawd I have a few fellow's who've build this boat document their builds. I'd be lost without them.

It was cold and damp in the ole' boat shed today. Rained all day. I did manage to get a few things done. The gap at the very front of the boat between the two bulwarks was closed and gooped. Plenty of goop I may add.

That'll take awhile to setup even with my little heater on it. Next task was to fill in the very back of the keel. This piece was missing from the CnC kit but no big deal to cut from the leftovers.

I'll have to get the laser level back out and mark the guide hole for the propeller shaft. All measurements on the plans are from a base line drawn on the plans. This particular measurement happens to be hanging out in space so it'll be a bit tricky to do single handed. Most of the rest of the day was spend with various sanders trying to get the sides and transom in shape for fiberglass.

A little more work on the other side and the hull sides will be pretty much ready, as far as I can figure, for fiberglass. I do have to complete the keel which needs a fair amount of work. Fillets have to be made between the keel/hull join to allow the fiberglass to make a nice smooth transition without any hard angles. It will never lay down otherwise which isn't good to have air gaps in the fiberglass.

Spent some time fingerin' out how I want the rub rails to go on the sides even though that won't be for quite awhile yet. That's the beauty of building your own boat. You have plenty of plannin' and strategizin' to do! :-) That's about it for today. There'll be more work on the keel tomorrow. Standby.....