Monday, April 30, 2012

So busy accomplishing "DICK ALL"

Well sort of. It was a weekend of running around mostly. Saturday was a supply run to the "Burg" and Sunday we took in, for the second time, the Tackaberry Collection. I don't know if I told you about the Tackaberry Collection before but this is an amazing collection by a large mining/construction family in Athens On. Their collection spans many many buildings and two sites and contains all manner of truck, tractor, car, boat, snow mobile imaginable.

We took these pics two years ago during our first visit.

This time I wanted to just look and not be worried too much about taking pictures.

We had the opportunity to bring along some friends, Gary and Annette Tracey. I knew Gary, a lifelong mechanic and gear head would truly appreciate this collection. I think he was truly amazed! Just for fun they came along in their Hemi powered PT Cruiser!

Lori's got some new pics on her camera and I'll upload those tonight.