Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mimic Panels

As some of you know I like gizmo's. I especially like making my own gizmo's (see earlier on elec dist panel). I don't do it for economic reasons but more to just keep my hands busy in the loooong coooold Canadian winters!

So my next project is a Mimic Panel that'll show me what major pieces of equipment are online and working.

I apologize for the crappy picture. All I could get was a screencap from FrontPanel Express software.

What I've got on the panel so far are:

Nav Lights (P&S, aft white, masthead white)
Anchor Light
Aft Bilge Pump
Fwd Bilge Pump
Crash Pump (1 Amber & 1 Red)
Diesel Heater
H/W Heater
F/W Circ Pump
E/R Blower
A/C Circ Pump
Bow Thruster (1 Amber & 1 Green)

Some of them have two LED's, Amber for Energized and Green for operating. There'll be only 1 Red LED and that's for the crash pump in operation.

I was thinking adding a switch to turn off all the LED's. Am I missing anything else?