Thursday, May 24, 2012

Note to myself......... Fiberglass.........

It's getting bad when I have to leave notes to myself on the freakin' Internet!

Anyhow I'm deviating from the scantlings the designer specified for the fiberglass on the hull. I did this because I'm cheap. There, ok, I said it. I found a product (Quadaxial) fiberglass that would replace two layers of the specified (Biaxial) fabric. Although it's harder to work with it should ultimately save a bit of money. (If we don't screw it up)

Here's what I have on hand and what I see they'll cover on the hull.

1708 Biaxial   50" x 125 yds (sides/inside/outside)

1808 Biaxial x 55" x 25 yds  (sides inside if required)

1208 Double Bias 0/90 x 50"  40 yds (sides outside)

8 oz Satin Finish 50" x 50 yds (bottom/keel/sides outside)

33 oz Quadaxial 50" x 50 yds  (bottom/keel inside and out)

We've already used some of these fabrics on the interior bulkheads. That's where we learned a lot about the heavier fabrics and what it takes to work with them properly.

Some of you might remember these jobs.

Some of our attempts weren't always successful. I've got some quality time with my grinder in store down the road to fix this mess.

Anywho, that's about it. The main part of this exercise was to take stock of my fiberglass supplies. I know I've got more than 'nuff to do the hull. The next big purchase will be the epoxy (30 gallons) (which has gone up $20/gallon)!


  1. Wait till you get to bottom paint,the cheap stuff is $150 U.S. and I saw $309 for a different brand.

    I am sure you know which one I used. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

  2. I hear ya Bill. I'll need at least 2 gals of Interprotect 2000 and two of Petit Trinidad. That's hmmm? $800 at least! If I'm careful I'll spend the money on the real important stuff and scrimp where I can. So far I'm not doing too bad, just around the $43K mark.