Thursday, August 17, 2017

Just Puttering Around

The weather's too nice, it hasn't rained in 36 hrs so I got to work on some minor tasks.
Frames H and I
The two after most frames needed glass on one side. I did the other side last year.
Turned out pretty nice
Pulled some offcuts out of the bin and trimmed them to size. It was warm out so I knew I had to work quickly. The smaller bulkhead took about 20 oz of epoxy and the larger one almost 30 oz. That's some heavy glass. Probably the 24 oz triaxial I had laying around. I had it so I used it. Wasn't totally necessary to glass these two but they will certainly be waterproof!

The other thing we did today was pick the plastic wrap off the backside of the rudder. OMG! What a PITA! For you old folks out there OMG = Oh My God! and PITA = Pain In The Ass! :-)  Never, ever pour foam over plastic!!!
Picking Plastic off the Foam
The Admiral loaned an extra pair of hands and we had it done in half an hour or so. I got the first layer of mud on and that'll be ready to sand later on today.

I did manage to get the boat levelled. Let's hope it stops raining or I'll have to do it again. Don't, ever, build a boat on dirt! :-(

That's it. Thanks for looking in.


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