Monday, August 28, 2017

This and That

With only a couple weeks left before we head out on our Big RV Adventure I've been doing just a little of This & That around the boat.

A few days spent fairing the frakkin' rudder! *sigh*
Multiple coats of Quickfair
A couple more coats of Quickfair and I should be ready to add the reinforcements.

Yes Dear! I did read the instructions! *Grrrrrrrr*
Stations Drawing
Double checking measurements for the placement of the bulkheads. I got bulkhead (station G) lined up today and will glue/tape it in tomorrow.
Bulkhead G aligned ready for glue & tape. Bulkhead I in the background.
Working on dirt it's a PITA to have to re-level the boat every time it rains. We've been in drought for almost a week now so the boat has settled quite nicely. I use a 'water level' for that.
Right On The Bubble
Measuring the level on the top of the bulkhead, Nailed It! :-) Lil' bit fussy when it comes to that sorta stuff. It's plumb too!

That's about it. Standby....

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