Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Feel the Itch and Sand it Anyways

It never seems to end. Sanding that is. I've gone around the frames I've just put in, 4 sides to fillet & tape tomorrow. But the sanding never seems to end. This is the direct result of not working faster/harder wet on wet. Once the epoxy kicks off there's a small window of 24 hrs to apply new glass/epoxy without the need to sand. Unfortunately life gets in the way too often for me to be able to do this so it's sand the tape & surfaces to allow for good mechanical grip of the epoxy. Also deals with any issues of blush.

I did make another video the other day. Here you go for those that haven't seen it.

This morning I got an early start before the rain and humidity drove me out of the shed. I got all the frames & joins cleaned up ready for more fillets & tape tomorrow. Some of the smaller areas are ready for 'bail out' should I mix up too much poo.
Tape laid out ready for filleting tomorrow.
This tape I'm using now is far above that spec'd by the designer. It's 18 oz and 8" wide. I can get away with two layers of this instead of 4 x 6 oz. This tape doesn't wet out quite as nicely but with a lil' elbow grease it'll be fine and much much stronger. The sides of the stringers will get a layer as well.
95 yds of 18 oz x 8" biaxial tape from Great Lakes Skipper! $145 USD.
Tomorrow fillets & tape.


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