Saturday, June 9, 2018

Pain and suffering

Been suffering some terrible back spasms this past week. Painful enough to drop me to my knees. Don't know what caused them, had a therapeutic massage week before for pain on my right side, these were on my left. WTF? Plenty of rest & drugs and it's almost back to normal so back into the boat shed I go!

Managed to get about 5 hrs of sandinsanity in today. Just cleaning up around joints that will get more glue & tape before I can move onto other things.
Cleaning up previously filleted & taped joints for another layer.

More dusty fella's. This looks back to the second last bulkhead.

Couple of hours in and still going strong. I'll pay for it later!!!

Looking down through hole for rudder shaft. I may add another layer of carbon fiber for extra strength in this area.

That's about all there is to it. No sandinsanity video today. I know you're disappointed. I'll try to get something on video tomorrow.


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