Thursday, July 2, 2015

Knowing your limits

"I used to rock and roll all night and party ev-er-y day. Then it was every other day. Now I'm lucky if I can find half an hour a week in which to get funky." - Homer Simpson

That's 'bout right. I'm an old fart. Don't have much stamina anymore. Seems 4 hrs in the boat shed is about all I got. That means breaking a lot of big jobs down into much smaller components. Result is a lot more work in the long run peel plying or sanding. The price I pay for not doing this 20 yrs ago.

Anywho I managed to get a few minor things done while waiting on supplies to arrive. The depth sounder hole got two more layers of fiberglass.
Depth Sounder Hole
I cut out a plywood circle and covered it with plastic and peel ply. That provided the clamping pressure. A bead of thickened epoxy went around the outside of the hole and the glass was laid in and wetted out.
Weight added to hold the glass down till it cures
That seemed to work pretty well. Pulled it off the next day and it's perfect. There'll be three more layers of glass go over top of the hole.

So given my physical limits in the shed I started glassing the starboard side of the keel with the first layer of glass (1808).
Starboard side getting glassed
I know there's no way I can work wet on wet with multiple layers on a boat this size so I set out to do 18' of it. It took almost exactly 4 hours and just a little over a gallon of epoxy. The peel ply doesn't like to go around corners or complex curves no matter how subtle so I cut it into narrower strips (2 feet). Started at the stern and worked my way forward. Wetting, squeeging & peel plying as I went. I'll turn around and do the other side tomorrow or the day after. See how I feel. Working pretty much on my hands and knees the whole time my left shoulder took a beating today.

That's it for now I guess. Fiberglass & peel ply order should arrive by Monday.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Looky what I found

I had to dig into the garden shed to take stock of my fiberglass supplies. IIRC I should have 'nuff to do the keel, bottom & sides. After hauling a bunch o' crap out of the way I was able to locate the fiberglass!
33 oz Triax 38" wide
Assorted glass fabrics
So I'm basically short on 12 oz 0/90 for the keel, bottom & sides. Gotta look online and see how much that's going to set me back.

Well looky there! While digging around in the shed I found a diesel engine! Almost forgot it was there! :-)  Spun it over a few times with the ratchet. All's well. It'll come out of the shed next spring to be serviced before putting it in the boat.
Well looky there! Yanmar 4JH-TE 55 HP Turbo
This morning I finished up the sanding in the box keel. Thank the Sanding Gawdz! What an awful job. Peel ply next time!
Last of the sanding in the box keel
Whippy sandy thingy on die grinder
Once the sanding was done and cleaned up I hauled the big roll of 33 oz fiberglass up to the boat. Oh my aching back!
Laying out the fabric for the box keel
38" wide is pretty close to perfect for this application. At the deepest part it goes from one radius fillet to over the bottom panel about 6". I'll use two pieces of fabric to cover the sides of the box keel and the bottom will get a double layer.
33 oz fabric getting trimmed & darts to conform to box keel
This heavy fabric doesn't form well to the curve of the keel. If you tug too hard you'll stretch the shit out of it. You can see the darts I had to put in to get it to follow the gentle curve of the keel. It's really hard stuff to work with but well worth the extra effort I think.

Think that's it for today. Gotta go shopping for fiberglass.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Playtime is over

Back to work! Took the weekend off mostly to just hang out with the Ole' Girl and go see a Rush concert! :-)  Stayed overnight in Montreal and was totally skroodled on Monday. Guess I can't Rock & Roll all night like I used to! *sigh*
Plenty of dust was made this day!

All vacuumed up ready to get messed up again!
Anywho, spent yesterday sanding the perimeter and box keel. That's pretty much done 'cept for a few tight spots. Needed something to get down into the back of the keel. Using my nugget for something other than a hat rack I decided to try to make my own long pole sander thingy.

Hacked up some of my Dura Block sanders, you've heard me mention those last year. Stuck it to the end of the dowel that holds the billiard ball constant radius fillet tool! :-)
Cut down to size Dura Block

Crazy Glued in the dowel
The billiard ball fillet tool on the other end
As you can see in this next pic the tool allows me to stand in the box keel and sand the extremities of the box keel without having to resort to standing on my head to do it.
Reaching way down into the box keel
80 grit paper works pretty good. I'd like to have 60 for this particular application but don't have any on hand. Just a few minor spots to hit with the hand sander and it'll be time to clean it all up for the big fabrics!
The business end
Thanks for looking in.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Always details

Today was another half day spent on the arse end of various sanders. Something a lil' different though. Some detail sanding around the depth sounder hole & bow thruster tube. Did this so the fabric that'll get laid on the bottom will make a smoother transition with no bridging (I hope).
Sanded out a smooth transition from plywood to glass
The thruster tube is a bit trickier and requires some contortions to get into the right position to sand.
Thruster tube. Many layers of tape converge here.
Pictures don't show the slope very well but I start propped up on the side and gravity inevitably draws me down into the keel! :-)  I use hand sanding with a piece of the sandpaper for the Flexi-Cats backed up on a green Scotch Bright pad. It works really well at getting into the tight spots. You'll need good leather gloves though!

I've got about half the box keel sanded and half the tape joints done. Likely another couple days of sanding then I'll start laying out the big sheets of fabric for the box keel. Gotta do an inventory of fiberglass first to make sure I have enough.

That's all for today. Have to wash the car for cruise in night tonight. Between Lori's wacky work schedule and the weather we've only been able to make it twice so far this year.

Random pic of the Project Manager sunning himself on the back porch!
Solar Powered Cat!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dusty Fella

Just call me the 'Dusty Fella'! ;-)

So yesterday I got the port side taped & peel plied. All went well.
Keel to bottom panel joins taped, epoxied & peel plied!
Apologize for the blue tinted pics. Used my cell phone again.

In an effort to speed things up a bit I bought a 7" backing pad thingy & some 80 grit discs for my 4" angle grinder. Hoping this would make short work of the taped edges & scuffing up the tape for the next layer of fabric. It worked wonders!
There's a new Sanding Attachment in town!
It's hard to give up on the air sander but it's just too slow for this particular application. No one will ever see these taped joints once the fabric is laid over top so cosmetics aren't an issue. I have to work past that. The 4" grinder is another 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'! ;-) It's a little unwieldy one handed and even worse left handed. Having carpal tunnel in both hands doesn't help either but I'll just pace myself and get as much done as I can at a time.
Making plenty of dust today. I'll itch for a week!
So in what would have taken me an hour & half with the RO air sander I got done in about 30 mins with the Grinder WMD. It's crude, but effective. You can notice the fan in the box keel in the foreground. I keep that blowing from behind all the time I'm sanding. It does a pretty good job of keeping the dust off of me, out of my eyes and out of the way.

I'm thinking at this point I might actually get some of the framing in the boat this year. I'd be nice to get the main bulkhead set in place at least. :-)

Inventoried epoxy supplies and I have 22 gallons on hand. That should be enough to get the inside glassed but I think I'll order another 6 or so to have just in case. When it's time to glass the inside I'll be looking for some volunteers to mix epoxy & run a squeegee so if you're interested let me know. The more the merrier!

Hands are cramped up something fierce so taking a week break. Tomorrow is dentist appointment & taking a buddy's cat to the vet so not likely any updates.