Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Peel Ply Vs Sanding

This morning I had to start sanding the bow section forward of the thruster tube and then the sides/bottom panels that'll get fiberglass next. Working in the bow is a PITA as you're fighting gravity the whole time. One hand to hang onto the boat and the other for the sander. My hands are sore and I only had 3 hours in me today.
Bow section being sanded
I could have avoided all this sanding if I used the peel ply. The downside to the peel ply is it takes a lot more time & effort to get it on while the epoxy is still wet. That usually meant I was burning myself out after doing that for 20 feet or so. So the two sides and starboard bottom were done without peel ply. Now I sand!
2 hrs in and not much progress
Taking tomorrow off to go 'Chootin'' with 'Dead Eye Dan'!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Box keel stbd side 12 oz

First layer of the 12 oz biax on the starboard side & bottom of the box keel.
Looking forward
Looking aft
Took me almost 3 hours to get the entire length of the keel done. One and a half gallons of epoxy. This stuff drinks it up! The cut end of the fabric (un-selvaged) frays like a SOB & gets wrapped up in the roller. I had to trim the glass away from the port side of the box keel where it turns up from the bottom. There's no way to get it to lay down properly, it's either one bend bridges or the other. PITA so I trimmed it up. I'll be adding another layer of 17 oz anyways.

I'll either sand the bow section forward of the bow thruster tube and get it ready for glass or glass the starboard side bottom next. Not sure which.


Monday, August 31, 2015

Keel second layer

Took a few days off to rest up the hands & shoulder. Think it did some good. Not hurting quite as much today.

Did a couple hours of sanding this morning on the box keel to get it in shape for the next layer of fiberglass.
Glass laid out in keel
This 12 oz glass is a bit of a bugger to work with. It drapes nicely over the bends etc. but moves around at the slightest touch. There's no way to get it all in position until it's wet then use the squeegee to get it going the way you want it to go. Other than that it's very nice stuff to work with.
I've got Wrinkles!
 You can see how 'floppy' this stuff is in the pic above. The slightest tug to straighten it out here causes another wrinkle elsewhere!
Looking aft towards end of box keel
The 12 oz glass is wide, 60" and it'll go from one side of the keel to the other very easily. If this becomes a PITA I'll just slit it off and overlap the other side in the middle of the bottom of the keel.

Errands to run today. Goop tomorrow!  :-)


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Return to Sandinsanity

Now that the inside of the hull has one complete layer of fiberglass on it it's time to sand it all nice and smooth for the next layer. Actually it doesn't have to be perfectly smooth this time, not like the outside did. Most of what you see inside will be covered or in the bilge so cosmetics aren't an issue.
Lil' BJ keeping the dust away!
I always keep the small fan behind me when I'm sanding. Keeps the dust away pretty well. When it's hot it helps keep the operator cool as well! :-) It's a bit of a pain having to reposition it all the time but I think it's worth it.
Midships looking forward towards the bow
Started a little after 9:00 this morning and worked my way aft. I had to sand off all the little 'fiber fangs' before I could really get to work. 'Fiber fangs?' you say. Well they're the nasty little needles that are sticking out from the edge of the fabric and once soaked in epoxy & cured they're just like fangs! They Hurt!
End of box keel looking aft
By 13:30 or so I was all the way down the starboard side and the bottom from front to back. I've got maybe 1-1/2 hours sanding left to finish the box keel. Had to call it quits though my hands are sore.

For you Sandinsadists here's a small (3-1/2 minute) Sandinsanity video to help curb your dark appetites!  ;-)

There's a really cool shot about the 1:30 mark looking up the box keel towards the bow!

Thanks for looking in.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Milestone - First inside layer Complete!

Dat'z it! First complete inner layer of fiberglass. OMG what a marathon. I can't believe it's taken me months & months to get this done. Oh well, it's done!

The designer was concerned a bit about the small overlaps in the fabrics at certain points so I added another layer of 17 oz tape over the joints.
Extra layer of 17 oz tape on overlaps
The transom got wetted out this morning. A bit longer than I thought it would take. The complex corners & curve of the transom require plenty of squeegeeing, tugging & darts to make it conform.
Transom glassed!
Gotta run to the store for mix. There's a bottle of Cap'n Morgan's to be christened! Wohoo!

Standby.....  Now I gotta do it all over again in 12 oz fiberglass! *Sigh*