Saturday, August 14, 2010

Plan "B"

Went back to check on my wood order again this morning. It's going to take another month just to get the 20' logs in so I cancelled the order. Plan "B" now goes into affect. I have to splice a 4' section of 1x3 onto a 16' piece of 1x3 as per my previous little experiment. I'll need to do this at least 38 times! :-( Oh well I have no other choice.

I setup a jig so I can glue 8 pieces together at once.

It'll take at least a day for the glue to fully set then I'll have to fiberglass the splices which will take another day. If the weather holds out I'll be able to get all 38 pieces glued and glassed in a couple of weeks. *sigh*

It seems this bow shed thing is becoming as much of a major project as building the boat will be! Standby......