Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday morning in the boat shed

From previous posts you can see the kerfs that were cut in the panels by the CnC machine. These are there to help when bending the plywood over the frames that form the bow. When I taped these the fiberglass and epoxy have to be cut away after the epoxy kicks off and is at the "green" stage.

A sharp chisel makes quick work of it! Cuts through the fiberglass just like a knife going through butter! If you wait till the epoxy is fully hardened it be a much tougher and messier job probably requiring a grinder. I don't much like grinding fiberglass! ;-(

One half of the bottom panels is now finished, well sort of. I decided to leave them in two parts and will join them up on the strongback. They're just too big to handle otherwise. This mornings session in the boat shed was 4 hours. Once I got the first bottom panel tucked away I laid out the second.

Also during this session in the boat shed I broke out a new toy, hmmmm? errrr? TOOL!, Yeah, new TOOL!

Canadian Tire had these on sale ($69.99) and as hard as I tried I just couldn't force myself to walk by the tool section without picking one up! ;-) I'm sure it'll come in handy down the road. I'll use it when joining the side panels. They have to be nice and smooth which will make "Fairing" the panels much easier (I hope)!

And lastly the first half of the second bottom panel getting it's first seams taped and glued.

Tomorrow I can flip this section and tape the seams on the other side. That's about it for now then.

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