Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Up up and away we go

I climbed back up on the hull for the first time since I had my lil' accident. Managed the ladders pretty good. Knee felt tight but ok.

I had almost forgotten what it looked like up there! I did some sanding for an hour or so on the taped seams getting them ready for another layer of tape. That's what I was planning to do when I had my lil' setback.

When I looked at the temperature it was a very comfortable 24.5 C on top of the boat then I noticed the "max temp" which records the highest temp since the last reset! 49 C (120 F)! That's hot by any standards!!! Wow, am I ever glad I wasn't up there that day and that was with the exhaust fan going too!

I'm going to try to get as much done as I can this week. I may get some help on Saturday and will fiberglass the keel then. I've decided to do the hull in three stages, keel, bottom and then the sides. It's not ideal but this is a big job, too big for me to do in one session. I'll be using the peel ply to get good mechanical bonds between the steps.