Monday, August 27, 2012

Yet one more SNAFU

After yesterday's SNAFU with the epoxy I was hoping things would get better. I was wrong.

This is part of one of the seams I taped and epoxied. It's not normal to have these small voids.

Normally the weave is totally filled with epoxy. Voids can cause a problem with water getting trapped and causing blisters. It's also an issue with structure and possible de-lamination.

I contacted the designer and vendor of the tape and got their views. It may be a roll that got wet or is otherwise sub standard. The tape on the left is from the designer and the one on the right is from another distributor. I've had no problem with the tape on right.

So I'll possibly be able to fix the problem with a good belt sanding and more epoxy. I've ordered more tape from the supplier on the right.

Going to be hot again next weekend! *sigh*