Sunday, August 26, 2012

When it's too hot in the kitchen

get the hell out! How hot was it in the boat shed today? This hot!

That's about $10 worth of epoxy that kicked off within 6 minutes at about 95 degs F! Grrrrrr!

This stuff gets hot lemme tell ya! I had to rip the glove off and toss the tray outside. It was smokin'! No shit sherlock!

I started out in the shed this morning about 8:30. It was already about 80 degs F in there but with the fans going full blast it was tolerable. I wanted to get the final layers of tape on the keel.

Working alone doing this type of job sucks. I had to resort to a lil' 3M Super 77 to keep the tape from blowing around and ending up in the dirt. I know it's not ideal but it's what I had to do.

Once I got the tape all laid out it was onto the epoxy. I knew I had to work quickly and resorted to the roller instead of the chip brush. Both are messy but the roller a little bit less so. I made it from the bow back a little farther than the tape in the lower section of the pic above. That's when I ran into problems with the epoxy kicking off too quickly. I had two paint trays in rotation because a little uncured epoxy will hasten the curing process. I'd leave one to drip out while using the other. I think I'll need to pick up a couple more trays! *sigh*

Oh well, get an early start on it again tomorrow and see if I can get the rest of the taping done. Then it's onto some really big fiberglass! :-)