Monday, March 10, 2014

A quick trip to the range

Temps appeared to be ok, 0 deg C. But man was it damp. I was there for about half an hour and my poor ole' knees started to ache!

I wanted to test out some ammo that I have. Three different kinds. I had had some issues with the Winchester X-22 ammo not working too well in my pistol and just picked up 1000 rounds of Federal American Eagle .22's.

I shot 40 rounds of each kind I had. Left to right:  CCI Blazers, Winchester X-22 & Federal American Eagle.

I was a little farther back than usual and wasn't really shooting for accuracy. I was trying to see which ammo seems to work best in my pistol. The results of this 120 round test are:

The CCI's worked perfectly, no FTL, no FTE no FTF
The Winchester X-22, 2 FTL, 3 FTE and 1 FTF
The Federal American Eagle, 2 FTL, 2 FTE no FTF

Legend:  FTL - Failed to Load, FTE - Failed to Eject, FTF - Failed to Fire

I was expecting more from the Federal Ammo hoping it would be comparable to the CCI Blazers. I'm going to try the same test tomorrow with my rifle and see how it goes.