Monday, March 17, 2014

Lil' too chilly to be playing outside today

So back into the indoor range with the air rifle. I moved the shooters box all the way back to the 25 yd mark this time. I was reasonably sighted in at about 17.5 yds before. Here's the shooters box we have to use.

It's on wheels so you use a pallet jack and move it fwd/bkwd to the desired distance. There's only two shooting lanes. The rest of the facility is for archery. This is a new facility only opened after the new year. Doesn't get used much by shooters because of the requirement for non-toxic ammo. The pellets I've been using are lead free Stoeger's. They cost 2.5 times as much as .22's. *scratching head*

The view from inside the shooters box. At 25 yds I can't see where the pellets hit the paper so that's why there's binoc's there! ;-)  The black foam thingies are something I found in the basement out of a laptop box and use them as a gun rest. They work ok and were the right price! :-)

Here's the results. Five shots at each target.

I shot them in order. A&B were pretty decent with one dropping way down on target B. Shots at C went a lot to the left for some reason. I think the scope is moving around quite a bit. I tightened it up and made a few adjustments and got back on track with D. If I can stay that consistent with this cheap air rifle & scope at this range I'll be happy.