Friday, March 14, 2014

The ole' Gunslinger

The ole' Gunslinger, Yosemite Sam, still had some fight in him but his six-shooters couldn't match the modern semi-automatic technology!  :-)

I was a lil' wonky off the start, I knew the pistol was shooting high so I adjusted the sights all the way down and got much better results.

I was running the Federal American Eagles again today and got quite a few hiccups. A lot failed to eject and more failed to feed. I ran a magazine of CCI Blazers through the pistol and it worked perfectly. The difference is the Blazers are lubricated the Eagles aren't. The next few magazines I loaded I put in 8 Eagles and topped it off with two Blazers. This seemed to work perfectly. I'll make some inquiries to see if guys actually lubricate their ammunition.

Less than a week to go before Spring officially arrives. Standby.....