Saturday, June 24, 2017

Better Pictures

Ole' Mummy found my shed camera so we have some better pictures today.
Overview midships looking forward
Taped the upper part of Frame B to the sides. This will be setup tomorrow then I'll align and tape in Frame D.
Frame B tabbed to the hull

Frame D forms part of the W/C and the galley section. For our layout we'll move the galley up and use that space for a sewing table & maybe an ice maker.
Starboard side, Frame D on the right. Frame C to the left.
Port side. Frame D forms up the separation between head (l) and vanity (r)
Another overview from farther back. Pictures don't capture the scale of this monster! ;-)
Aft looking forward. The half frame is Frame F.
Paced myself again today and my back was Ok for awhile. Near the end of the 5 hrs it was starting to tweak up pretty good. Up and down the ladders 50 times a day might be helping a little bit!

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