Thursday, June 22, 2017


Just like the old saying: 'Suck it up buttercup'! Well that's what I'm gonna have to do. The consult with the neurosurgeon yesterday went well. He explained all the issues. Apparently what I have is a 'Tethered Nerve' likely caused by scar tissue, which we already surmised. There is no surgical solution. He'll report to my family physician and we'll decide what to do next. Likely physio and maybe acupuncture plus pain meds.

Today I started aligning the upper section of Frame B. Did a little sanding in prep to glue it in place tomorrow. There's a fair size gap between the frame and the hull sides so I have to fabricobble some filler strips otherwise it'll use up to much epoxy & filler.
Frame A forward, Frame B and looking through Frame C

It took some fancy clamping to get the bulkheads plumb and equal distant. Some of them have twisted over the years of standing up in the corner of the shed.
Clamps & Screws got it!
Another view of Frame C clamping
There's a lot of gaps to be filled between the frames and hull so I picked up this belt/disc sander at Horror Fright for $60 USD. I figure if it gets me through this project it won't owe me anyting!
4 x 36 belt & 6" disc sander from Harbor Freight
Not much to show for 5 hrs in the boat shed but I'm easing my way back into it. Actually feel pretty good today. Little cramps in the legs but nothing major. The Project Manager kept a close eye on me today.
Boots, The Old Tom Cat AKA The Project Manager
Tomorrow: Glue Frame B upper into place. Let the epoxy flow!